What is Search Engine Marketing training?

Search engine marketing training also called Search Engine Advertising training is a technique to get traffic to your website through the means of paid advertisements. In the online space with a thousand organisations competing for the same eyeballs, good SEM often becomes the voice of final verdict. On SEM platforms, marketers bid on the keywords viewers most often enter in search bars while looking for the products, services or information their companies offer. This gives them the opportunity to present their advertisements along with the search results. SEM is very effective because the advertisements are shown to the consumers the precise moment they have made the decision to buy a product and are looking for options. Therefore, it is important that SEM figures in an effective online marketing strategy.

Which platform to choose

The most important SEM platforms are:

  • Google AdWords

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  • Yahoo Search Ads
  • Bing Ads

Of these google AdWords is the most popular since it is well-suited to marketers. It is very flexible, offers CPC advertisements, have a huge range of advertisement formats. It is important to choose the ad format wisely. AdWords provides option of text ads, video ads, pop ups, call-only ads and also the option of their visibility on mobile or desktop screens. There is no rule as to which format works best so the safest option is to use all of them in a proportion suited to your needs. Google AdWords also gives the choice to produce your advertisement in its search networks to familiarise viewers with the brand and create a market for yourself or to show it only in the search network for when a customer is in need of the product you sell. Combination of these are also available to craft an online marketing strategy most suited to you.


Search Marketing is the umbrella term which is now used to refer to both Search Engine Optimisation training and Search Engine Marketing training.  Sometimes, SEM is used as being inclusive of SEO, employing the use of both to improve leads and generate conversions. Latest technical advancements include Search Engine Marketing training Management (SEMM) which focuses on Return of Investment (ROI) instead of increasing relevant traffic like traditional SEO did. The success of an organisation online depends on both these techniques and neither should be given more importance over the other. SEO and SEM are just as important in an online marketing strategy.

Ad auction

It is wrong to think that a company with larger financial resources would win the bid. Though having a bigger budget is certainly advantageous, it is not the final verdict. This is because a process called Ad Auction takes place in Search Engine Advertising to decide which advertisement is worthy of being shown on the search query result page along with the organic results. The two factors which decide an ad’s rank are quality and the maximum bid, i.e., the money you can pay for a click. Thus, the content of your advertisement is just as important as the money you are willing to spend on marketing. A thorough knowledge of what actually works is necessary for success in Search Engine Advertising.

Adwords provides different bidding strategies to ensure you get value for your money.

  • Focus on the number of clicks your ad gets: Called cost-per-click or CPC, it is used to drive more traffic to your website
  • Focus on the number of times your advertisement is shown: Known as cost-per-thousand-impressions or vCPM, it helps to enhance visibility.
  • Focus on conversions: Called cost-per-acquisition or CPA, it is useful or organisations more focussed on purchases or signups.


Why you need SEM

It is very important to have SEM in your marketing strategy. SEM can create and enhance awareness about your brand. This is important more so if you are starting out new and have to build a reputation.It ensures you get good visibility online. Imagine a situation where a consumer searches for cakes on a search engine. (S)he is most likely to click on the top ten search results. You, as a cake-seller, lose out on the opportunity to sell if your company doesn’t show up in the listings, no matter how competitive your prices are or how good your products. Thus, a good SEO and SEM is a sure shot at the success of your online organisation.However, SEM can be tricky and time consuming. You could learn Search Engine Marketing training yourself or rely on a professional to do it for you to get faster results and ensure value for your money.

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